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Sakshi Garg

Practice Director

Sakshi Garg is a Practice Director in Everest Group’s Global Sourcing practice. In this role, she leads multiple engagements and initiatives with Global in-house Centers (GICs) / shared services centers. She has helped multiple GICs in the areas of benchmarking, peer intelligence, and talent strategy. Sakshi is a regional expert on Asia and has helped multiple clients evaluate locations in Asia for their delivery center set-ups/expansion plans. Her global services experience includes assisting buyers on global sourcing related decisions (e.g., locations, sourcing model, and network optimization); benchmarking of GICs; gathering and analyzing of peer/competitor intelligence on GICs/service providers; and developing thought leadership papers on topics related to GICs.

Before joining Everest Group, Sakshi held a role with KPMG Global Services (the shared services arm of KPMG), in which she worked with the head of shared services to conceptualize and prepare business cases for new services and centers of excellence. Prior to that, she worked as a Senior Consultant with a boutique management consulting firm, Universal Consulting, and as a Senior Analyst with Evalueserve. Sakshi holds an MBA from the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, India and a bachelor’s degree in Information Systems from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, New Delhi, India.

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Webinar Deck: Domestic Sourcing: Good to be Home! Plus Market Vista Q1 2015 Global Services Updates

Sakshi Garg, Eric Simonson, Anurag SrivastavaMay 2015 | Document #13May15-Webinar | Report Domestic sourcing has gained a higher profile recently. Why is that? Regulatory pressures are demanding that more resources be onshore. And onshoring balances the location portfolio, alleviating some ... More

Global Business Services - Unlock Hidden Value from your Shared Services "AND" Outsourcing Models

Sakshi Garg, Mansi MahajanApril 2015 | Document #EGR-2015-2-R-1440 | Report As the scale of operations grows bigger and organizations expand geographically, managing multiple functions across multiple geographies through a confusing set of contracts, delivery models, practice... More

Global In-house Center (GIC) Landscape Annual Report 2015

Rohitashwa Aggarwal , Ritika Dhingra, Sakshi Garg, H KarthikMarch 2015 | Document #EGR-2015-2-R-1431 | Report This report provides a deep-dive into the GIC landscape and an analysis of the GIC trends in 2014, comparing them with the trends in last two years. The research also brings out key insights into the ... More

Cultural Affinity, Cost Savings, Coordinates – 3 C’s of Targeting UK Contact Center Market

Rohitashwa Aggarwal , Skand Bhargava, Sakshi Garg, Parul Jain, Katrina Menzigian, Cyril ThomasMarch 2015 | Document #EGR-2015-1-R-1420 | Report This report analyzes the relative attractiveness of key cities in nearshore UK locations (Scotland, Northern Ireland, Ireland) for contact center services delivery. It also provides insights into cont... More

Organization Models for GIC Governance - One Size DOES NOT Fit All!

Sakshi Garg, H Karthik, Shyan MukerjeeJanuary 2015 | Document #EGR-2015-2-R-1352 | Report Organization design is a critical component of the governance layer in a Global Business Services (GBS) model. This report covers four organization models, namely horizontal, vertical, matrix and mixe... More

Economies of Scale in Global Services - Realities and Limitations

Rohitashwa Aggarwal , Sakshi GargDecember 2014 | Document #EGR-2014-2-R-1312 | Report This research uncovers the enablers of economies of scale in global services, quantified its impact and also discusses realities and limitations of its “practical” implementation while designing/optim... More

Central & Eastern European (CEE) Locations for Finance & Accounting Services Delivery – Delivery Options Bloom in Western Europe’s Backyard

Rahul Dalia, Sakshi GargNovember 2014 | Document #EGR-2014-2-R-1300 | Report This report analyzes CEE as a destination for nearshore/offshore F&A services. The report will help buyers and service providers, who are evaluating entering or expanding their existing footprint in C... More

Global In-house Center (GIC) Landscape in BFSI Sector – High Adoption for Business Process Services, Will IT Services Follow the Trend?

Ritika Dhingra, Sakshi Garg, Parul Jain, H KarthikOctober 2014 | Document #EGR-2014-2-R-1265 | Report This report provides a deep dive into the BFSI GIC landscape and an analysis of the trends across banking, capital markets, and financial services subsectors. The research also brings out key insights... More

Tier-2/3 Locations in India for Offshore IT Services Delivery – Does Reality Meet the Hype?

Shadab Ahmad, Sakshi Garg, H KarthikSeptember 2014 | Document #EGR-2014-2-R-1234 | Report This report provides an in-depth analysis of Indian tier-2/3 cities as destinations for offshore IT services delivery for global companies, across various dimensions of market assessment, IT talent po... More

Global In-house Center (GIC) Landscape in India – Three Decades of Value Creation for Global Enterprises, Geared Up to Deliver More

Ritika Dhingra, Sakshi Garg, H KarthikSeptember 2014 | Document #EGR-2014-2-R-1225 | Report This report provides a deep dive into the GIC landscape in India and an analysis of the trends in the last 42 months (2011 to H1 2014), and compares them with the trends within the overall GIC activit... More

Global In-house Center (GIC) Landscape Annual Report 2014

Rohitashwa Aggarwal , Ritika Dhingra, Sakshi Garg, H KarthikApril 2014 | Document #EGR-2014-2-R-1097 | Report This report provides a deep-dive into the GIC landscape and a year-on-year analysis of the GIC trends in 2013, comparing them with trends in last two years. The research also brings out key insights i... More

Hyderabad IT-BP Sector Emerges Unscathed from the Telangana Movement

Sakshi Garg, Manu MehndirattaDecember 2013 | Document #EGR-2013-2-R-1027 | Report Recent news around the division of the state of Andhra Pradesh into Telangana and Seemandhra, and associated agitations and protests, have created negative perception around the stability, safety, and... More

Global Locations Compass – Mexico

Sakshi Garg, Prabhat PantDecember 2013 | Document #EGR-2013-2-R-0993 | Report Mexico is emerging as one of the leading destinations for global service delivery, driven primarily by its time zone advantage, good-quality, bi-lingual talent pool, and government impetus. This repor... More

Outsourcing and Offshoring Trends in the Oil and Gas Sector

Sakshi Garg, H Karthik, Prabhat PantSeptember 2013 | Document #EGR-2013-2-R-0938 | Report This research examines global sourcing trends in the oil & gas industry. Analysis includes the evolution and current level of global sourcing of services, sourcing strategies as adopted by leading fir... More

Delivering Value Beyond Savings in the GIC Model - A Survey of Organizations with GIC Operations

Sakshi Garg, H KarthikJune 2013 | Document #EGR-2013-2-R-0891 | Report Global In-house Center (GIC) operations have become a significant part of the global sourcing landscape. As the GIC model matures, GICs are exploring different mechanisms to deliver value beyond savin... More

The Classic Sourcing Model Conundrum - Global In-house Center (GIC) vs. Third-party Provider

Sakshi Garg, H KarthikMay 2013 | Document #EGR-2013-2-R-0875 | Report This report discusses the considerations involved in making a sourcing model (GIC vs. third-party provider) decision and provides pointers for a robust comparison of the two models. It also covers pre... More

Driving Impact through Collaboration: Collaboration in the GIC-Parent, GIC-Vendor, and GIC-GIC Ecosystem

Sakshi Garg, H Karthik, Shyan MukerjeeApril 2013 | Document #EGR-2013-2-R-0862 | Report This report focuses on how GICs are collaborating with the ecosystem to drive impact and value creation. Specifically, exploring how GICs collaborate with four components of the ecosystem, namely, the... More

Achieving Next Generation Excellence in the Captive Model

Sakshi Garg, Eric SimonsonMarch 2012 | Document #EGR-2012-2-R-0660 | Report This report provides insights on next level of value addition by captives using the Centers of Excellence (COE) model and also elaborates on commonly deployed types of COEs. The report also provides k... More

Global Locations Compass - China

Sakshi Garg, H Karthik, Amneet SinghNovember 2011 | Document #EGR-2011-2-R-0606 | Report China is one of the most talked about global services delivery destination. It is witnessing significant market activity for global services, driven primarily by its unique Asian language advantage, r... More

Global Location Insights: June 2011 - Offshore Locations: Buyers' Perceptions and Plans

Sakshi Garg, Amneet Singh, Anurag SrivastavaJune 2011 | Document #ERI-2011-8-V-0564 | Viewpoint The continued recovery of the global economy in 2010 is matched by the revival of the global sourcing market. Everest Group administered a survey in early 2011 (January-February) to understand percept... More