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Webinar Deck: Key Market Developments in Q2-2011: Market Vista Briefing

Webinar: Key Market Developments in Q2-2011: Market Vista Briefing

On August 10, 2011, Everest Group will host a webinar, Webinar: Market Vista Q2-2011

Synopsis: Everest Group will highlight the findings of its report on Market Vista Q2 covering the following aspects:

  • Key findings from the Q2 2011 Market Vista report and what they mean for buyers and service providers
  • Highlights of trends across outsourcing and offshoring transactions, captives, location dynamics, service provider developments, and implications for stakeholders in the global services industry
  • A special feature “What Service Providers Say About Clients…” presented by Dr. Mary Lacity

Miss the webinar?  Click here to listen to a recording of the webinar.