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Cloud VistaCloud Vista™

Cloud Vista research tracks the dynamic and highly competitive Cloud Computing marketplace as it evolves and matures. Cloud Vista is used to monitor enterprise cloud adoption trends, cloud-related investments and evolving industry capabilities and coverage extends across all layers of the cloud computing stack, with a firm focus on the enterprise market.


Cloud Vista focuses on the enterprise cloud market and all layers of the cloud stack. Cloud Vista aims at generating a continuous stream of fact-based intelligence for a volatile and rapidly evolving market. Our research provides thought leadership on areas of topical interest such as the business case for cloud computing and the underlying drivers of value.

Innovation through Cloud in Enterprise (ICE) Awards

ICE Awards


Cloud Connect and Everest Group are pleased to announce that Revlon Inc. is the 2013 Innovation through Cloud in Enterprise (ICE) Award winner. The judges panel selected Revlon for the significant transformation of its business that it has achieved through cloud computing.

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