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Global Sourcing

Everest Group’s Global Sourcing research subscription addresses strategic aspects of the rapidly evolving global in-house center (formerly called captive center) model, as well as other sourcing model topics.


Everest Group’s Global Sourcing subscription provides parent organizations and global in-house center (GIC) stakeholders with insightful and actionable research to inform and shape their global sourcing and GIC strategies. Subscribers find that our global sourcing research leverages our deep understanding of the GIC landscape and global sourcing strategies, robust analytical skills for interpreting market developments, ongoing interactions with the global GIC community, and a strong foundation of dedicated focus to help ensure their success.

Global Sourcing subscription deliverables provide deep coverage across diverse aspects of the GIC model and global sourcing issues, including research on:

  • Global GIC landscape research
  • Location-focused GIC landscape reports
  • Industry- and function-specific reports on the GIC model
  • Thematic reports and webinars on next-generation GIC and global sourcing topics
  • Thought leadership Viewpoints

As each client’s information needs are unique, we often supplement the core deliverables of a Global Sourcing subscription with analyst inquiries, custom data cuts, and strategy workshops.


In addition to our published research in global sourcing, we provide fact-based customized decision support for Global In-house Centers, Location Optimization, and Peer Intelligence. Ask us how we can provide your team with the data, insights, and support to make key decisions.

Driving Impact through Collaboration: Collaboration in the GIC-Parent, GIC-Vendor, and GIC-GIC Ecosystem

This report focuses on how GICs are collaborating with the ecosystem to drive impact and value creation. Specifically, exploring how GICs collaborate with four components of the ecosystem, namely, the parent, other GICs within the company, GICs across companies, and vendors. This study was conducted in collaboration with   NASSCOM