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Location Optimization

Globalization has led to a proliferation of offshore locations for the delivery of services. As global services become mainstream, adoption is quickly spreading across newer geographies. This is amplified by the fact that over the last decade the number of credible offshore locations has increased from 25 to 150+, with each location brings its own set of benefits and unique risk profile. In such an environment, it is important to have an in-depth understanding of locations to both extract maximum value and mitigate a range of risks related to global sourcing programs. Everest Group’s Location Optimization research offerings can help with this need.

Everest Group’s Location Optimization research assists global sourcing stakeholders navigate the complex offshore locations landscape. We assist leading companies on a wide spectrum of location strategy issues:

  • Shortlisting and due-diligence for a particular process/function
  • Skills availability and scalability
  • Workforce preferences
  • Arbitrage sustainability
  • Portfolio risk assessment and optimization

Our comprehensive suite of offerings help stakeholders become informed and aligned, and make strategic location decisions.

Everest Group’s Location Optimization offerings:

  • Location information: Databases providing in-depth coverage of 150+ locations across four key dimensions: labor pool, operating cost, market activity, and language capabilities. This information is available in two formats:
    • Standard Location Database: market activity, operating cost, wage inflation, and attrition in 23 offshore locations
    • Customized Location Database: customized per client requirements, including select cities, function specific details, and labor pool data
  • Location monitoring services: Track more than 50 risk parameters across each of the 150+ global services locations using Everest Group’s proprietary risk monitoring tool. The tool has built-in functionality to synthesize views across risk factors and cities via a risk assessment dashboard.
  • Custom engagements: Tailored to meet each client’s unique requirements, within three categories:
    • Thematic assessments: Includes a wide range of topics, such as a location’s language capabilities   domain and workforce preferences, to determine attractiveness and sustainability
    • Location prioritization, shortlisting, and due-diligence: Provides a relative comparison of different locations per a risk-reward framework and addresses high-touch issues and services such as comparisons of specific sites within a city and facilitation of on-ground location due diligence visits for client stakeholders
    • Location portfolio assessment: Detailed analyses to determine the overall sustainability of a service delivery portfolio, including strategies related to placement of processes and functions across locations  and business continuity planning requirements

Location Optimization

For details on how clients have benefited from our Location Optimization services, please download these sample case studies.